Bosch Universal Injection Pump Test Bench EPS 815

The EPS 815 is a universal test bench with 15kW drive output for pumps up to 12 cylinders. The forward-looking design of the test bench allows diesel specialists to test high-performance components of the latest generations both from Bosch and other manufacturers. This is ensured by the expansion options of EPS 815 with for example: MGT/ KMA, VPM 844/ CRS 845/ CRI 846/ CAM 847, CP 1/2/3 CRIN and external systems. The specifications of the automobile manufacturers and the legal emission regulations are adhered to. Even testing of future diesel injection components is assured, thanks to the continuous developments of the optional accessory sets.

EPS 815 – Feature

  • Environmental and user-friendliness is achieved by means of reduction in oil gas and oil mist.
  • Outstanding true-running characteristics and speed stability ensure high reproducibility,
    especially during the injection cycle:
    Direct drive
    High flywheel mass.
  • Rotational-speed control with an extremely short speed control timePosition control.
  • The weight counterbalance during height adjustment of the measuring device makes work considerably easier.
  • Longer service life, because hardly any re-bending work is required on the test pipes
    (the measuring device can be adjusted on all three levels).
  • Fully-automatic test sequence1 in connection with KMA 802/822.

Additional Accessories to be purchased*

Customer to purchase additional accessories as per customer requirement based on pump types to be tested