Bosch CR Injection Pump Test Bench EPS 708

EPS 708: Efficient and service-oriented

The injection pressures on which modern common-rail diesel engines run have risen constantly over the last few years. 2,000 bar is nowadays already normal. The new diesel test bench EPS 708 from Bosch – specially designed for common rail pumps and injectors – therefore permits testing with up to 2,200 bar. Its newly developed rail is designed for pressures up to 2,500 bar, which means that the test bench is prepared for future developments in diesel technology.

EPS 708 – Benefits to the workshop


  • Testing up to 2,200 bar.
  • Rail designed for up to 2,500 bar (can be extended with further add-on kits in the future).
  • Integrated cooling system reduces water consumption in the workshop.
  • Electronic monitoring and display of service intervals.
  • Self diagnosis system indicates necessary filter change.

State-of-the-art and precise:

  • Electronic Quantity Measurement.
  • Electronic supply pressure control.
  • Simple pump assembly without clutch cover.
  • Safe:

  • Immediate engine shutdown if hood is opened
  • Hood protects against loose parts

Technical Specifications



Power 8 KW
Maximum torque (motor) 61 Nm
Speed range 0-4,000 rpm
Three-phase current– nominal voltage 400V/ 230V 380-400/200-240 VAC
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Test pressure 18-220 MPa
Temperature control range 30-50, ±0.5 ℃
Dimension L x H x W 2,070x1,850x790 mm
Weight with cooler without/with operating supplies approx 850/920 kg
ModelEPS 708

Additional Accessories to be purchased*

Customer to purchase additional accessories as per customer requirement based on pump types to be tested

  • Test Injectors
  • Mounting brackets
  • High Pressure Pipes ( Pump to test Injectors)
  • Repair Tools
  • Testing Tools