OTC Brake Fluid Tester (4598)

Catch bad brake fluid before it destroys calipers and other brake system components.Tester determines quality of brake fluid. One battery included: 1.5V AAA.
Note: Calibrated for DOT 4 fluid.


  • Brake Fluid Tester for DOT 4
  • 1.5V AAA battery included
  • Automotically shuts off after 12 seconde
  • LED lights to show moisture percentage
  • Measures moisture form 0%-4%
  • Determines quality of brake fluid

OTC Steering Wheel Puller(7245)

This puller removes steering wheels on most domestic and imported vehicles, with or without telescoping steering columns. It comes with five sets of cap screws for various thread requirements. The forcing screw features a swivel-end to protect steering shaft

Cap screws included (pairs)

  • 3/8-16 x 3-1/2; 5/16-18 x 3-1/2;
  • 5/16-24 x 3-1/2;
  • M8-1.25 x 90 mm;
  • 5/16-18 x 4 (SIR).
  • Bar measures 4" x 1" x 1".

OTC One Man Break Bleeder Hose

Helps remove air from brake system, one wheel at a time, and eliminates the need for an assistant to help do the job.Prevents any leakage, as hose easily attaches to bleeder screw,which holds hose in place.Check-valve on end of hose prevents air from entering brake system when pumping brake pedal.

OTC Brake Pad Gauge (OTC 6596)

Break Pad gauge - The cost-effective solution for service tasksThis handy pencil-style gauge allows the user to quickly identify brake pad life on inboard or outboard pads on most vehicles without removing the wheel assembly or brake caliper. Brake pad wear can be checked while performing other service on a vehicle, as quickly as checking tire pressure. A red-yellow-green indicator provides a visual indication of remaining brake pad material, and can be used to explain service recommendations to a customer.


  • Green means the brake pads are okay,with 8mm or more of pad material remaining;
  • Yellow indicates they’ll need replacement soon (3 to8mm remaining);
  • Red suggests immediate replacement (0 to 3mm remaining);
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